Thursday, December 9, 2010

My army of a family makes an army of paper snowflakes...

Also known as how to make snowflakes like I do!

*firstly, all photo creds to mi mama...I can't instruct and photograph at the same time.*

Last week I decided it was time to make paper snowflakes. It is something I do every year. I have no idea why, as they are pointless, a waste of paper, and a total mess to clean up, but...I like 'em. It is just another one of those tradition things. I also decided that I wasn't going to be a loner and make a zillion by myself. I have 7 brothers and sisters, might as well enlist help, eh?

So I lined up those kiddos and taught them the ropes of cutting chunks out of paper and turning the remains into a homemade snowstorm. (WHAT? YOU DON'T KNOW HOW TO MAKE PAPER SNOWFLAKES? I gotcha covered! I did a tutorial last year. FIND OUT HOW HERE!  Or check out a tutorial on 5-pointed flakes from How About Orange. Great project to do with kids!)

 Let the creating (of both snowflakes and mess) begin!

  I really like doing crafts like this with kids. My goal is to make them super creative and artsy with imaginations as big as the sky. Some of them get annoyed at me for this (2 of them love me for it) but crafts are great! You CAN'T be wrong when making a paper snowflake. What is NOT fun about that? Life is full of rules and things that you can be wrong at, but art? Never. You are always right when you are the artist, and I love that.

  The baby (2) was utterly joyful to be given scissors by my mom. We figured, what harm could be done? A piece of paper and safety scissors, no big deal! We are watching her and talking about how we ONLY cut paper. But a couple minutes in we trust her TOO much, take our eyes off her and what to do you know, she has reached over and cut a chunk out of the blond sister's hair. Moral? NEVER trust a 2 year old with a cutting devise, no matter how cute she is!

We made an army of snowflakes! So, so, so many I lost count! Eventually we will get them strung up inside our house and it will be like our very own winterwonderland, only indoors and warmer! What is not to love? Try it! It promise you it is fun. The clean up is a beast is totally worth it!


Isabella said...

Awwww, lovely! So funny I guess ;)


Brooke said...

how fun! I was thinking of making some this year too :)

Ashley Rae said...

Isabella! Is Kiss your last name? I knew a couple of Kisses. They were neighbors.
Are you Christian? It's great to know you're passionate about God and your faith!

Thanks so much for the comment! I will definitely follow you. :)
Thanks for finding me. I'm new to this world of blogging.

Paige said...

I love making snow flakes! A friend of mine got me started making them out of coffee filters and they turn out so airy and lovely!

Amie said...

"Life is full of rules and things that you can be wrong at, but art? Never."

BEST art quote EVER

Isabella Kiss said...

Haha, thanks Amie! :)

annamerari said...

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