Saturday, December 11, 2010

Random Christmas Tree Magicality...

First, this:
I took this shot at the tree farm a couple weeks ago. It makes me rather happy. Techicially, you are not really supposed to shoot photos into the sun get this. Light beams and spots and all, but there is something about it, though it is "wrong," that I really enjoy. There is something terribly magical about sun spots. I like 'em. You?

Second, this:

 This is a ginormous tree where I live that gets lighted up every year outside of one of our town buildings. I wish I could capture the magnitude of this thing. It is HUGE. Those are car driving by it. That tree is a beastmonster of evergreeness.
 I jumped out of the car, into the dark night, and tried to take pictures of it. But I didn't last long. It was FREEZING and super windy, so a lot of the pictures came out blurred like this. It was like the tree was dancing. Pretty magical if you ask me...
How lovely are your big branches, monster tree of cow town. You make me smile.


Marisa Midori said...

I can't wait to fly home for the holidays and finally get my Christmas tree this weekend! That first picture really is magical.

Annie Chase said...

where is this tree?

Isabella Kiss said...

post the exact location on the internet would be unwise, but as you know the town I live in I will tell ya it is by the police station and stuff, couple miles down past the CVS and Dunkin Donuts and what not. :)


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