Thursday, December 16, 2010

Where no one knows my name...

Yup, that is right, you guessed it! I went to Boston. Last Saturday. My family went up to visit an Ethiopian food market we had been wanting to check out and then after we did a whole lot of driving around. I, of course, did a whole lot of picture taking, most of which happened out of the window of our tank suburban.

There is just something about Boston that I find quite charming. Yes, I am one of those people who prefers it over New York (and baseball plays no role in this feeling). I especially love the history of it; all the old buildings right along side new shiny buildings. I have an infatuation with bricks, brownstone and good architecture. (maybe this is, in part, why I like factories and mills?) Buildings just aren't beautiful like that anymore.What happen to that beauty? When did we lose the ability to make beautiful things? Why are buildings so cookie-cutter and ugly now? They make me want to look away rather than look closer. How come those men who built Boston hundreds of years ago didn't pass down their trade to their grandsons and great great great grandsons? Or how come the grandsons of those talented people didn't care?


So I think I'll go to Boston...
 *something about this reminds me of piza'a leaning tower, no?
 The people who did this should have STAYED in school...
 the only thing better than old builds are old buildings covered in VINES!
Ohhh, the North End. It is where my Italian peeps (and the best food) are AT!
Especially no parking upside down. That is REALLY frowned upon.
 Old North Church...
 Dear Beacon Street,
You are definitely my favorite. 
Close to the North End. Right up against Boston Commons. 
And you have beautiful buildings. I love thee.

Oh Boston. You've got it all; great people, shopping, tasty food, bricks, old buildings, America's history, and atmosphere. 
You are simply wonderful.

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Melanie's Randomness said...

I really have to go to Boston one day because these buildings are beautiful!! I love architecture! =)


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