Thursday, December 17, 2009

Paper Snowflake Making Step-by-Step How-To

Last night I was helping out with a Kid's Christmas Party at my church and one of the activities we did was a paper snowflake making contest; I was truly surprised to find out how many of not only the kids, but leaders, didn't know how to make a snowflake!

For those of you who can relate to being unable to make a flakey thingy out of a sheet of paper, here, let me help you.

YOU WILL NEED: scissors. paper. the ability to cut paper with scissors.

STEP 1: Take a sheet of white (or any other color you'd like your snow to be...?) computer paper.

It is a rectangle.

You want a square.

So take the top right corner and fold it over onto the rectangle until you have a nice triangle with the excess of the rectangle sticking off of the bottom.


Cut that excess strip of retangularality off of the bottom with the scissors. You should be left with a triangular piece, which is your square, folded in half.

Take your triangle (which is still a square folded in half) and fold it in half once more, by taking one of the acute-angled corners and folding it to the other acute-angled corner (now you have a square folded into triangular fourths...)

Take the acute angle on the right and fold it into the middle of your big triangle.

Then take the left corner and fold it over, just as you did in step 4.
You should now have a skinny little triangle, with 2 points coming off of the bottom.

Cut off the little points at the bottom.
You should now have a skinny triangle (which is still your square, only folded a bunch of times...).

This is where the actual fun part starts. Take that skinny little triangle and cut shapes out of it, anywhere, anyway you'd like.

*just make sure to never cut wholly through any of your creases, or you will end up with something that looks like a snowflake with a large piece missing. Then all you can do with it is color it in and use it as a pie graph, and that is so much less festive.

Carefully unfold your little snipped up triangle and reveal your masterpiece!

Then make a bunch more! Each time experiment with cutting different shapes and patterns, or try a smaller or larger square, and be surprised with a totally different snowflake!

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Brick Walker said...

Where are the alien snowflakes???


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