Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I've been told I have pride issues but...

Also known as how I, Isabella Kiss, made a crocheted blanket in about a month!

Yes, you did read that right. I. AM. DONE.

Dear Association of Crocheting Grannies 
(that I just made up),

You may now send me my official signed, stamped, suitable-for- framing certification of grannyship via mail, because I am officially a grandmother. Or something. I at least made 144 granny wee squares and turned them into a spectacularly awesome blanket, just to say I have done it. It is twin bed sized but I made it from start to finish in about a month! Done by Christmas, just like I promised.
Come on, I think I deserve SOMETHING for that!

Isabella Kiss,
who might be prideful, but is awesome.

 lots of squares... 
 a little nonsense...

One happy girl wrapped in a very awesome blanket.

If your interested, here is my blanket making journey documented from start to finish in posts!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

As if the first ugly outfit party wasn't enough for you...

Obviously people at my youth group (the amazing MERGE AHEAD) like ugly clothes. This time the whole entire group of about 150 kids got decked out in their ugliest. Sunday night we had our annual Christmas party and the theme? WEAR WHAT NOT TO WEAR.

We showed up in our worst and played a bunch of silly games (extreme musical chairs, dodge ball, silent library, fear factor...).

I am sort of the unofficial youth group photographer, so I got to document the shenanigans.

Feast your eyes on the hideousness of it all!

 My good friend Katie and I felt that our semi-coordinating outfits were worth a couple pictures...

*the best part about my outfit? Those are all my clothes and I do actually wear them. Just not together like that. Usually...

  Me and my Mopeeps

 My sister and my cousin in their worst.

 Winners of the ugliest outfit awards for the guys and girls. And my, were they special...

The games were pointless, but the outfits? Totally worth it. You know I love a good costume and when everyone else wants to dress up with me? Automatic amusement.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Dear He Who is Seated on The Liar's Throne (aka Santa)...

Dear Santa Claus,
Yes, I am writing you a Christmas letter. First time in a long time, eh? 
It is about time you and I had a talk. So, I'm back and I have a wish for you.
Santa, all I want for Christmas is for you to give my Savior back His holiday. 

There is a reason this holiday ain't called Santamas. That Christ in there? Yes, it is a direct reference to Christ, believe it or not. Christmas isn't yours and I refuse to let it be. You are not what I am celebrating.

On Christmas, and every other day of the year, I am celebrating the earthly birth of the Son of God. I am celebrating the fact that God so loved me (and the world) enough that He sent His son to be born amongst people who would despise Him, and ultimately kill Him in the worst way possible, so I could be part of the family of God. 
On Christmas I am celebrating the day that my Jesus was born to die. 

I don't care if you have flying reindeer, magical elves and the ability to fit your body mass up and down chimneys with the greatest of easy. I don't care if my society wants to celebrate you and stuff you haul down through fireplaces to bring joy.
The only gift I will rejoice over is the one the God of the Universe gave to me.

You stole Jesus birthday! AND you distorted Saint Nicholas into a commercialized beast. He was a pretty good guy, but you wrecked him.  AND THEN you let parents lie to their kids about you as you take credit for their hard work?
Those are big sins right there, buddy.

When did Christmas become yours? I am supposed to be celebrating love and joy and giving gifts to people I love because God gave to us. Who gave you this power you now have? What makes you think, oh man who has the same letters in his name as satan, that you can take over? When did Christmas become about you, closely followed by credit card debt pushed on my avarice and greed? (And by the way, who said it was okay for you to see me when I am sleeping or know when I am awake? You're a creeper, bro!)

So, dear Santa, don't come to my house. Keep your jolly, red self out of my chimney. (Not sure if anyone has told you but, breaking and entering is actually illegal.)
Refrain from checking on your list for me; I'd be on the nice side, but I am opting out.
Christmas cheer and holiday magic are nice and all but... I have all I need.

On the day you stole and made your own a Savior was born into our dark and ugly world. 33 years later that Savior died in a place that I could not have taken, so I could have a life eternal that I did not deserve. 

Sorry, Mr. Claus, you're gunna have to up yours if you think you are something worth my celebrating. Truth be told, you sit on a throne of lies, and I don't celebrate liars.
I am celebrating Jesus today, Christmas, and everyday.

Isabella Kiss


*dear anyone who disagrees,
You don't have to side with me. 
But right along with not believing in Santa, 
I don't believe in sugar-coating what I believe.
Jesus, the Light of the World, is the only thing I am celebrating.
And I will not let Santa, or any other thing  try and 
dim that Light in this season or in my life.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Christmas Story Told By A Social Network

They played this at my church this morning and it caused me to laugh (especially so at a minute and fifty seconds) so I thought I would share it with you.

Not exactly how the story went, but it was amusing. This is how the story would have gone down if Jesus family was on facebook...


Happy Sunday! Only a couple more days until Christmas!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Inspirationsand Real Life Applications (of Bella, the Up and Coming Photographer.)

These are just too cool...and about all I can afford right now as far as a camera goes. Still dreaming of the day that I have my very own D-SLR hangin' 'round my neck. Until then I am saving up my pennies (and quarters, dimes, nickels, ones, fives, tens, etc...) and thinking wishfully...

This is also awesome. The first time I saw the photo I panicked and thought "WHY ARE THE POURING HOT LIQUID ON A LENS!!!!????" But fear not, friends. It is a coffee mug. Whoever invented that needs a high five. Or several of them.

And also on the subject of cameras and photography, TOMORROW I AM DOING MY FIRST *REAL*, ON THE FIELD JOB.

Well, not really a job, as I am not being paid, is REAL. Tomorrow I am going (bright and early!) to a wedding with my photography mentor, Jeff Crandall, and his wife. It is HIS job, but I am tagging along to learn as much from him as possible. I am really excited!  I am the kind of person who learns best from real-life experiences. I will be shooting some photos throughout the day and I will also be assisting with lighting, but I am mostly there just to LEARN. And learn I will. This is a huge opportunity that I have been waiting for now for several months! I AM GOING TO DO WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY!!!!!! I am literally giddy. I even went out and bought professional looking clothes (you know, white button up shirt, fancy dress pants, comfortable yet dress shoes, a jacket- and I am even going to IRON the clothes! All the jazz that I normally shy away from as professionalism frightens me). Because I am a mini wedding photographer and I have to look the part! AH! Did I mention I was excited?

Okay...I'll stop now. But ...I am excited.
More to come! I don't know if I can post any pictures, but I will definitely tell ya'll about my experience and all the glorious things I learned!!!!!!!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Where no one knows my name...

Yup, that is right, you guessed it! I went to Boston. Last Saturday. My family went up to visit an Ethiopian food market we had been wanting to check out and then after we did a whole lot of driving around. I, of course, did a whole lot of picture taking, most of which happened out of the window of our tank suburban.

There is just something about Boston that I find quite charming. Yes, I am one of those people who prefers it over New York (and baseball plays no role in this feeling). I especially love the history of it; all the old buildings right along side new shiny buildings. I have an infatuation with bricks, brownstone and good architecture. (maybe this is, in part, why I like factories and mills?) Buildings just aren't beautiful like that anymore.What happen to that beauty? When did we lose the ability to make beautiful things? Why are buildings so cookie-cutter and ugly now? They make me want to look away rather than look closer. How come those men who built Boston hundreds of years ago didn't pass down their trade to their grandsons and great great great grandsons? Or how come the grandsons of those talented people didn't care?


So I think I'll go to Boston...
 *something about this reminds me of piza'a leaning tower, no?
 The people who did this should have STAYED in school...
 the only thing better than old builds are old buildings covered in VINES!
Ohhh, the North End. It is where my Italian peeps (and the best food) are AT!
Especially no parking upside down. That is REALLY frowned upon.
 Old North Church...
 Dear Beacon Street,
You are definitely my favorite. 
Close to the North End. Right up against Boston Commons. 
And you have beautiful buildings. I love thee.

Oh Boston. You've got it all; great people, shopping, tasty food, bricks, old buildings, America's history, and atmosphere. 
You are simply wonderful.


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