Friday, December 3, 2010

Paper Christmas Ornament -"Porcupine Ball"- DIY

Yesterday a DIY for this fun "porcupine ball"ornament was posted on the lovely blog How About Orange.

I really liked the look of it, but I decided to try in with something other than white paper.

First I made one out of pages an H&M magazine. It came out fabulously colorful! (so much so that I made another today!)
Then I took pages for the old dictionary, left over from this project , and made one with those (harder, because the pages were thin and delicate, but I love the look!).

 You should DEFINITELY try and make some of your own. They are a little tedious, but kind of fun once you get used to the rolling. Mine are perfectly pointy or symmetrical I like 'em.


 Lots of porcupineish fun!

The hope is that this weekend I will get a mini Christmas tree to put in my room, then I will hang these (and all the other wonderful things I have been making!) on them and I will be SO HAPPY!!!!! I also might try and make a giant one to hang off my ceiling fan (as it is too cold to be using it). The possibilities are endless! It would be fun to make some with scrap book or wrapping paper!  

What will you use? I would love to see pictures if you make some!

*and you know what is great? I just realized all my "DIY", aka Do It Yourself,  posts are tagged as "DYI". Good job, Bella. Way to make NO sense. Do Yourself It? *sigh.

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Sarah Louise Upjohn said...

Stop procrastinating with by doing craft projects!


No but really, these are cool.


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