Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Our Christmas Tree 2010

Pictures of trimming our tree...and a couple kids.
 (we still don't have all our ornaments on yet, because no one wants to go into the cold attic and find them, but I wanted to post some pictures before you wrote me off as a scrooge. Check the flickr for the full set!)

The kids got bored waiting for my dad to get all the zillion lights on, so they began to decorate each other while waiting.

 *result of letting a 2 year old decorate. She worked so hard on that ribbon. Truly adorable.

 Our lovely tree, 2010, all ribboned and lit, but still needing ornamentation. I, design coordinator of my home, have decided that only RED (plus a bit of white) are going on this year. (Am I a little controlling? Yes. But I make the world more fabulous. Feel free to schedule me to decorate your house!) And I still plan on making some wreaths and a bunch of garland. Christmas Eve is going down at my house with the Hungarian peeps and I want it to be beauteous. And I can promise you, it will be!

HOPEFULLY by this weekend I will have a mini tree in my room I can decorate for my very own. My goal is to get one in a pot (a thing called a Norfolk Pine or something?) so I can have a CHRISTMAS TREE ALL YEAR ROUND!!!! Can't even explain to you how happy that would make me. Updates on that to come.Until then, I will keep dreaming and making ornaments like a pro.


I love decorating for Christmas!


The Many Colours of Happiness said...

The pictures of the kids are so cute!!! Nothing is more magical than decorating the Christmas tree.

Kate said...

Ah, so cute! This makes me so excited for the holidays!

Emma and Andrew said...

i love your tree topper!

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

It looks very pretty, I think!!!!! yey!!


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