Monday, December 20, 2010

Dear He Who is Seated on The Liar's Throne (aka Santa)...

Dear Santa Claus,
Yes, I am writing you a Christmas letter. First time in a long time, eh? 
It is about time you and I had a talk. So, I'm back and I have a wish for you.
Santa, all I want for Christmas is for you to give my Savior back His holiday. 

There is a reason this holiday ain't called Santamas. That Christ in there? Yes, it is a direct reference to Christ, believe it or not. Christmas isn't yours and I refuse to let it be. You are not what I am celebrating.

On Christmas, and every other day of the year, I am celebrating the earthly birth of the Son of God. I am celebrating the fact that God so loved me (and the world) enough that He sent His son to be born amongst people who would despise Him, and ultimately kill Him in the worst way possible, so I could be part of the family of God. 
On Christmas I am celebrating the day that my Jesus was born to die. 

I don't care if you have flying reindeer, magical elves and the ability to fit your body mass up and down chimneys with the greatest of easy. I don't care if my society wants to celebrate you and stuff you haul down through fireplaces to bring joy.
The only gift I will rejoice over is the one the God of the Universe gave to me.

You stole Jesus birthday! AND you distorted Saint Nicholas into a commercialized beast. He was a pretty good guy, but you wrecked him.  AND THEN you let parents lie to their kids about you as you take credit for their hard work?
Those are big sins right there, buddy.

When did Christmas become yours? I am supposed to be celebrating love and joy and giving gifts to people I love because God gave to us. Who gave you this power you now have? What makes you think, oh man who has the same letters in his name as satan, that you can take over? When did Christmas become about you, closely followed by credit card debt pushed on my avarice and greed? (And by the way, who said it was okay for you to see me when I am sleeping or know when I am awake? You're a creeper, bro!)

So, dear Santa, don't come to my house. Keep your jolly, red self out of my chimney. (Not sure if anyone has told you but, breaking and entering is actually illegal.)
Refrain from checking on your list for me; I'd be on the nice side, but I am opting out.
Christmas cheer and holiday magic are nice and all but... I have all I need.

On the day you stole and made your own a Savior was born into our dark and ugly world. 33 years later that Savior died in a place that I could not have taken, so I could have a life eternal that I did not deserve. 

Sorry, Mr. Claus, you're gunna have to up yours if you think you are something worth my celebrating. Truth be told, you sit on a throne of lies, and I don't celebrate liars.
I am celebrating Jesus today, Christmas, and everyday.

Isabella Kiss


*dear anyone who disagrees,
You don't have to side with me. 
But right along with not believing in Santa, 
I don't believe in sugar-coating what I believe.
Jesus, the Light of the World, is the only thing I am celebrating.
And I will not let Santa, or any other thing  try and 
dim that Light in this season or in my life.


Amie said...

I wish there was a LIKE button for this!

Marisa said...

Hey... I hope this doesn't sound too sketch, but I found your mom's blog because of adoption, and one day a while ago she had a link to one of your posts so I have been following you, too. Your writing and photos are always interesting.

This is a great post, and I am glad to see a generation rising up that can still celebrate the Christmas season without Santa!

Anonymous said...

On this same line of thinking, the holiday of Christmas itself was put at this time of year to conform with other pagan rituals and holidays. I know there are some extremely devout Christian families who refuse to celebrate Christmas at all because of the ancient history the 25th of December has with pagan holidays. Just some food for thought, I suppose. If you are interested, there is a blog I read where the author has gone into extensive detail about her family's beliefs surrounding various holidays.

I don't necessarily agree with her views nor do I necessarily agree with yours (but I do agree that Christmas has become way too secular and that it has lost the religious nature of it, the focus being more on Santa Claus and commercialism than on the birth of our Savior). I find it challenging to my thoughts and beliefs to read others' thoughts and opinions that are so vastly different from my own.

Merry CHRISTmas to you and your family!

Renata said...

This is so true Isabella! I completely agree with your views & am so sick of Santa being everywhere & Jesus being only celebrated in churches.
Have a wonderful Christmas!

PS visiting from your mum's blog!


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