Friday, December 17, 2010

Inspirationsand Real Life Applications (of Bella, the Up and Coming Photographer.)

These are just too cool...and about all I can afford right now as far as a camera goes. Still dreaming of the day that I have my very own D-SLR hangin' 'round my neck. Until then I am saving up my pennies (and quarters, dimes, nickels, ones, fives, tens, etc...) and thinking wishfully...

This is also awesome. The first time I saw the photo I panicked and thought "WHY ARE THE POURING HOT LIQUID ON A LENS!!!!????" But fear not, friends. It is a coffee mug. Whoever invented that needs a high five. Or several of them.

And also on the subject of cameras and photography, TOMORROW I AM DOING MY FIRST *REAL*, ON THE FIELD JOB.

Well, not really a job, as I am not being paid, is REAL. Tomorrow I am going (bright and early!) to a wedding with my photography mentor, Jeff Crandall, and his wife. It is HIS job, but I am tagging along to learn as much from him as possible. I am really excited!  I am the kind of person who learns best from real-life experiences. I will be shooting some photos throughout the day and I will also be assisting with lighting, but I am mostly there just to LEARN. And learn I will. This is a huge opportunity that I have been waiting for now for several months! I AM GOING TO DO WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY!!!!!! I am literally giddy. I even went out and bought professional looking clothes (you know, white button up shirt, fancy dress pants, comfortable yet dress shoes, a jacket- and I am even going to IRON the clothes! All the jazz that I normally shy away from as professionalism frightens me). Because I am a mini wedding photographer and I have to look the part! AH! Did I mention I was excited?

Okay...I'll stop now. But ...I am excited.
More to come! I don't know if I can post any pictures, but I will definitely tell ya'll about my experience and all the glorious things I learned!!!!!!!


Rach said...

YAY!I am so happy for you! I would love to see the pics you take!

Chloe Grace said...

Oh how exciteding!
Are you going to be able to come to the progressive dinner!?
Chloe Grace

Amie said...

I'm excited for you! And I've never even met you in real life! But I'm so excited that I have to end all of my sentences with exclamation points! Ah!

Maybe you can at least post a couple of pictures of flowers or something, if not actual people.


Jan said...

The camera tshirts are nerdily fabulous! Good luck on your first wedding shoot!!

bebe bird beck said...

I love that 2nd shirt.. and that sounds like an amazing experience from you! Hands on is the way to learn fo sho!

Jamie said...

Good luck on the field work tomorrow!

And love the camera shirts, I'm saving for my own d-slr, too, but hopefully Christmas will be good to me.

Love you blog! following you.

Anonymous said...

Loving the shirts! Don't you love love love the coffee mug? Just sayin'!
Congrats by the way! I'm pumped for you!
xoxo Shannon


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