Friday, December 10, 2010

Spreadin' round the Christmas Cheer

Today I got fed up with the lack of Christmas decor in our house so I went and braved the attic, dragged down all sorts of garland, lights, and goodies and made the whole entire house a bit more "Christmasy." (Does it serve a point? No. But it looks good!)  I pretty much felt like Buddy the Elf decorating Gimbles (minus the etch-a-sketch Mona Lisa)/ a very aggravated Martha Stewart (minus the jail time). But, now our house is all out Christmasafied and ready for celebrations and guests so my effort was worth it.

First I made the downstairs more cheery...
 So much GARLAND! Ah! 
This might look all nice now, but let me tell you it was a battle! I spent over a half hour trying to get this wrapped up, down, and all around the staircase, all the while singing (to the tune of "Mister Grinch") a song about all my negative feelings towards artificial greenery. There was also quite a bit of yelling and other aggravated noises as I mumbled about garland nooses. And when my two year old sister asked me what the stuff was that I was stringing up the stairs I responded "Lucifer Incarnated."
But look, it was all worth it! Looks lovely!
*if you happen to come to my house please tell me how happy you are to see garland. please appreciate my effort! PLEASE!*
...but I am SO not looking forward to taking it all back down in a month or so...ugh.

 All those snowflakes we made? Strung 'em up over doorways!

Then I finished decking the halls in my bedroom!

 I put up my newly bought vintage Christmas lights ($6 for the 2 strands at a local thrift shop).

 I hung a paper chain (made from the same dictionary I have made many, many projects out of) across the back wall.
 And then I finished decorating my TREE!!!!!!!! 
Her name is Hadassah.
(Yes, kind of like Esther in the Bible. But Why? Long, complicated, inside joke of a story that makes me laugh but you won't get nevermind).  
Anyway, I bought her for $18 at Home Depot. Hopefully, as she is in a pot and only needs watering and love, I will be able to keep her up year round! (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) If you cannot tell, that makes me excited.
 I had so much fun making ornaments and stuff to put on her. Here are a couple of the sites/blogs I used!Check them out and get started on making your own handmade tree/house/anywhere decorations!

Don't you just want to go decorate your house, sing carols, and eat sugar plums (whatever the heckito those are) now? I suggest that you do. Just make sure that as you ensnare yourself in garland and pull tinsel out of your hair that you don't forget the REAL meaning of Christmas. 
Garland is nice, so are lights, and trees are amazing, but nothing can be cooler than my JESUS.


Haylie Jo Gregory said...

Hahaha!!! Way to go, Buddy!!!! So proud of my little martha stewart (no jail girl!!) So festive!

mom said...

I'm guessing you blessed the socks off your mom by doing all this decorating! You are wonderfully creative! :-)

Tammy ~@~

Amie said...

I want to hear the inside joke...

Isabella Kiss said...

@Amie- really, I cannot even begin to explain it to you. it isn't like anything inappropriate it is just... LONG. It was a 2 minute conversation during a bible study of Esther involving name meanings, greek gods, myrtle bushes and a lot of nonsense. Make sense? No...I know it doesn't. But it makes me and 3 other people laugh. :)


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