Tuesday, December 21, 2010

As if the first ugly outfit party wasn't enough for you...

Obviously people at my youth group (the amazing MERGE AHEAD) like ugly clothes. This time the whole entire group of about 150 kids got decked out in their ugliest. Sunday night we had our annual Christmas party and the theme? WEAR WHAT NOT TO WEAR.

We showed up in our worst and played a bunch of silly games (extreme musical chairs, dodge ball, silent library, fear factor...).

I am sort of the unofficial youth group photographer, so I got to document the shenanigans.

Feast your eyes on the hideousness of it all!

 My good friend Katie and I felt that our semi-coordinating outfits were worth a couple pictures...

*the best part about my outfit? Those are all my clothes and I do actually wear them. Just not together like that. Usually...

  Me and my Mopeeps

 My sister and my cousin in their worst.

 Winners of the ugliest outfit awards for the guys and girls. And my, were they special...

The games were pointless, but the outfits? Totally worth it. You know I love a good costume and when everyone else wants to dress up with me? Automatic amusement.

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