Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Amigurumi Improvements....

Remember my new thing for amigurumi? Well, I made another and he is much better (and cuter) than the first.

Today was sister #2's 11th birthday. Happy Birthday, "T!"
Last week she was envious of my cat, Cummerbund, and begged to have him (not sure why she liked it so much....).

So, I made another, in orange, her favorite color, and I am actually quite pleased with how he came out. She named him James (again, not sure why...).
He is a cutey-pants. Only...he isn't wearing any. He only wears a tie. And it is massively adorable.

Unfortunately, now siblings 3- 7 want amigurumi animals and sister #7 actually just wants THAT very one, from the birthday girl. She yells "Jeemes! Jeeemessss!" ("James") repeatedly until 'T' hands it to her. I guess I'd better get busy...

Creativity; both curse and blessing. :)

Hopefully, I will be able to improve on this Japanese art form and get some up on Etsy/Artfire. Then you can get them for all the children in your lives!


Isabella Kiss said...

and emikel, i know the pants quotes are coming to mock this poor little cat named james. yes. I know.
he(the cat) and I can take it. :)

Harrison Goodale said...

too funny.

out of the frame said...

he's cool! and your sister looks very happy with him. The drumsticks have arrived for animal - just waiting on the eyes now and then I can get started :)

emily michael said...

Bella...I want a moose...with costa rican beans in his butt... ;)

Isabella Kiss said... not sure if I can crochet antlers...yet... I will work up to that for you. just might take a little while.

emily michael said... least james was wearing pants, even if they were meant for the female gender ;)


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