Friday, January 29, 2010

Video Adding and Shameless Endorsing.

(Whoa, I finally figured out how to add videos that aren't from YouTube to my blog...)

Now I am going to use this video adding opportunity as a launching pad for some endorsing of 4 super cool, absolutely crazy, and very, very talented people.

Their names are (in order as seen above);

'Hedge,' Nathan, Caleb and James.

They are a band and they call themselves


And I am their friend/fan/photographer/photo-editing-slave/whatever else (complicated story...just nod and cooperate.).

About 2 weeks ago they did their first show at a charity fundraiser, and me, being a fan with prior commitments, only made it through 2 songs before having to leave.

I videoed most of their song "Ever Rising," but unfortunately the sound quality on my little camera didn't quite match the awesomeness of all that the song was. Drums (Jammmmesss....) sort of over-powered in the small room, so you don't quite get the full musical effect. The overall picture quality is pretty bad too. Surry, but it is the best we've got at this current time.

So, I guess you will just have to go to their next show.

Ladies and gentlemen; VISITOR REBUILT!


Emily Anne said...

Cute blog, girl! :)

Xoxo- Emily

chelsea rebecca said...

how wonderful! and what a good friend to do all that for them!!

Allison said...

Aww, they're great! And you're pretty awesome too, to take pictures and be an amazing groupie for their band! ;D

Isabella Kiss said...

nah, i'm just an a good friend :)


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