Wednesday, December 30, 2009

"Look at my cat, isn't he precious...?"

I have a new creative interest. Amigurumi.

Don't know what that is? I didn't either up until a couple weeks ago, when I found a blog/etsy shop called Out of the Frame and met someone who was making little crocheted dolls known as amigurumi (and she just so happens to be a Christian and a missionary!). Basically, it is the Japanese art of crocheting dolls/toys.

It interested me greatly. She was making some REALLY awesome stuff (check out her post about Animal from the Muppets. He was my first amigurumi love and she is now making me one!!!!!) and I was envious.

But a problem stood in my way; I had never actually crocheted anything in my life other than one really long chain, up until last week when I attempted my first project (which I basically made up, seeing as I had no clue what I was doing), a Rastafarian- style hat for my little Afro-ed sister. Then I made a striped beret. I was feeling confident.

Then yesterday, I could take it no longer. I was going to attempt some Japanese art. No pattern (I googled them, but quickly realized that because I knew NO terminology it would be very difficult to read one.). No clue about crocheting other than what I could make up.

And in the last 24 hours, I made a cat.
A pirate cat.
Whose name is...Cummerbund... (yes, I just came up with that now. Cummerbund was one of the Dread Pirate Roberts from the Princess Bride, if I remember correctly?)

And I have to say, I did a decent job of it, seeing as when I started it looked like Squidard Tentacles from Spongebob....

I know now that I used too big of a needle (or...hook....) so he is a little holey...and his eye patch is a little too far over on his head...and I probably did everything else wrong too, but I like him. He has a cute sarcastic smile and...a sweater vest....(which because I decided to add after he was finished, doubles as a chest tattoo)

(Although, I really need to get some cool eyes to sew on these things, buttons just don't do justice)
Good first try, I guess. Now I have to make like 27 more with smaller hooks and better eyes and I will feel fulfilled.


Kimmie said...

And he is so cute. And your Mama is proud.

Like a little someone here would say...(patting her chest)...good job!

out of the frame said...

wow he's pretty cool for a first try and with no pattern to help you start out. There are blogs around that translate all the terminology so you can read patterns - that's how I worked it out. Now I make my own patterns but when I started I used other people's. I recommend using a 3.5mm hook. keep going - you'll get better every time.

Isabella Kiss said...

I certainly hope it gets better from here! thanks!


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