Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Katie Notebooks.

Meet Katie. This is us in Costa Rica, last summer.

My friend Katie has a really cool notebook.

Katie and I belong to a small group of college girls (within our youth ministry, Merge Ahead) known as a CREW. Every time our CREW meets, someone is envious of Katie's notebook. It is this fantastic little thing made of cardboard recycled from a macaroni box, held together by 3 book/binder rings. She uses it to take notes at church, and with the help of a mini hole puncher she easily adds in sermon notes, bulletins, and all sorts of other things, just by undoing the binder rings. It is like a mini scrapbook...of words!

She didn't make it, but we always end up talking about how anybody could, if they wanted to.

Then, this week my vocal teacher told me that she would like me to bring a notepad along to my lessons, to be able to write my practice homework. Perfect opportunity to make a Katie notebook! So I did.

About a week ago we discovered we had something very unusual in common. Katie and I both secretly have a liking of Martha Stewart. I would like to be Martha Stewart, in some less uptight and higher in moral character. I'm all for integrity...
And Katie wishes she was Martha's best friend.

That being said, Katie and I are going to get together in the next few days and just...MAKE STUFF. Probably more cute notebooks. And whatever else.

Pictures most likely to follow.


Chloe Grace said...

I did something like that..excaept i bought a note book and glued all these stuff to it!

Brick Walker said...

"Katie's Notebook"?

Isabella Kiss said...

no. it IS a katie notebook. that is what it is called. in a dictionary.... :p

emily michael said...

I made one of these years ago using cardboard boxes, yarn, those 'dot-paint' things that were popular, and yarn...I think I wrote a book in it...


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