Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Fuzzy Wuzzy Was A Bear

Meet Wasabear. He is fuzzy wuzzy. Very. Really, Really.

New shape, new size, and new incredibly soft yarn.
And he could be yours for just $15.00!!!!
No really, he is up for grabs. I am going to list him on Etsy and Artfire in just a few minutes; in just a few days he could be in your home for you to pet and squish!
*My father thinks he isn't a childrens toy. He is a "desk buddy" and I should market him for adults who want fuzzy things sitting in their offices.*
Is your desk without ...fuzziness? YOU KNOW YOU WANT HIM!
Okay, I am a lousy sales man... but how could you NOT want a little critter like him!?
And if only you could touch him through the internet! He is high on the list of softed things I have ever felt!
Up next is a teal, black and red...creature! (the ears kind of make the animal and I haven't made the ears yet.)
More to come! Amigurumi is my new obsession!


out of the frame said...

hey he's cool - you're doing good! I have the eyes for animal now so I plan to start him sometime this week :)

Isabella Kiss said...


emily michael said...

I wanna touch 'im!!! And someday make one myself. But I've no idea where to start.


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