Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Beside the Seaside.

I love the beach.

I love salt water. I'm a pirate, of course I love the ocean...
(I don't really like sand, but it is hard to avoid so...I put up with it. ) I love the hot sun, running around throwin' Frisbees, and sticking seaweed on people's heads. Jet skiis are pretty sweet too...

But alas, I live in New England. Beaching- no, not like a whale. Like the act of going to the beach- is something you must only engage in by a) finding a warmer state or b) waiting until summer comes around. Generally I end up going with option b.
Here at my house, the past week has been nothing but snowy and frigid. Temperatures between 10 and 20 degrees Fahrenheit.
Painful, painful, painful.

Like an unintentional tradition, every year, shortly after the first of January, all my mind wants to think about is the beach; the clear water, the sun, and the sand. So today I am posting an ode to summer. An ode to the beach, through various photographs, from various beach encounters. All places I wish I was at right now, enjoying the weather during which these pictures were captured.

Cove through a hole-y seashell.

Cape Cod.

Best friend with a horrendously smelly, very much so dead horseshoe crab.

Dusk in Miami, Florida.

Limon, Costa Rica. But be not fooled by the pretty picture, Limon was a port down and the water was actually disgusting.
More Cape Cod.

My dog Hunter.

Sunset reflecting on the waters of Cape Cod.

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