Thursday, January 28, 2010

What I Stand On...

"Villains!" I shrieked, "dissemble no more! I admit the deed!- tear up the planks! Here! Here!..."-The Tell-Tale Heart, Edgar Allan Poe

No. I don't have a dead body under my floor boards. Just hold on a minute...

Tomorrow is the day I have been long waiting for. Tomorrow is RUG DAY! While that means nothing to you, to me it means there will be rug in my long un-rugged new room. And once the wall to wall gray rug moves in, I will soon be able to follow!

Now, what I do have 'under' my floorboards (or on them and they will soon be under my rug) is words. Powerful words.

Yesterday I spent an hour on my hands and knees, writing Bible verses, quotes, and song lyrics on my floor with black sharpie (It smelled "great" up there, mixed with the scent of polyurethane on the stairs...Yeah, don't try this at home, kids.). I am almost sad to cover them up after all that work, but the cool thing is that I will know they are there. I will sleep in my bed, sit at my desk, walk up the stairs and be standing on words which mean a lot to me.

Some pictures of my masterpiece;

Directly at the top of the stairs. (And in case you missed the post in which I explained these words, they mean "Glory to God alone" in Latin.)

Exactly on the spot that my bed will sit. All 40 verses of my favorite scripture passage; Psalm 37. I spent a good 45 minutes writing this out word-for-word. And the lines are even straight-STRAIGHT!!!

In the center of the room under the fan (because I didn't know where else to put it...); chorus lyrics to So In This Hour, by The Rocket Summer. Great song.

On the spot where my keyboard will stand.

Under my desk; the area where I will spend most of my time.

So in the next few days my sister and I will be transferring all of our stuff from one floor/side of the house to another. Obviously pictures to come. Ridiculously excited.


Anonymous said...

this is ridiculously awesome.

Isabella Kiss said...

thanks hedge.

out of the frame said...

I like it! cool idea :)

emily michael said...

For whatever reason I'm reminded of the song "under the floor" by switchfoot. I totally have wanted to do this on my floors and walls and ceiling...I have soli deo Gloria sharpied right under my window sill at the head of my bead.

Isabella Kiss said...

i know you do. i've been in your room emily. i notice these things :)
and thanks rowan. i can't exactly take credit and say it was an original idea, but I will say thank you none the less! :)

chelsea rebecca said...

this is so extremely cool! i never even thought about doing something like this but i love it! so inspiring. and how wonderful to walk over it every day and know what lies underneath!
adore your blog!!

Isabella Kiss said...

thanks chelsea!


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