Tuesday, January 19, 2010

We have a mystery on our hands...

We all know I am a Poe fan. A huge Poe fan.
What you may not know is that today is Edgar Allan Poe's
'201st birthday.'
Now I will ask you what you know of the "Poe Toaster?"

The Poe Toaster (as he is known) is a mystery man (men...?) who has been visiting Poe's grave site in Baltimore since 1949. Each year, in the early morning hours of January 19th- Mr. Poe's birthday- he appears and leaves 3 roses and half a bottle of Cognac on the grave site.

He always has. Several dozen truly devout Poe fans fly into Baltimore and wait outside the dark cemetery to catch a glimpse of him. He, whoever he is, has always appeared before 5:30 am.

But not today. Today the Poe Toaster is missing.

Anxiously the small crowd of people waited. But he did not come. It is now 2:00 pm. Where is the Toaster?

Fans are stilling hoping he will appear late. Jeff Jerome, curator of the Poe House and Museum, is going to keep waiting for him over the next couple months, just in case he shows up.

But will he? Is this the end of the mysterious Poe Toaster? Has something happened to him? Or has he simply decided to end the tradition of more than 60 years?

Already we hold the unsolved mystery of Edgar Allan Poe's unusual and sudden death. And now we have to cope with yet another mystery; the missing Toaster.

I guess it is fitting as a way to honor the master of mystery himself- Edgar Allan Poe.


I just thought you should know, though I doubt you will be as concerned as I am. Check out myfox.com for more info.


Brick Walker said...

Are you kidding? What does this guy have to with Poe or his brilliance? He's a fame moocher if you ask me...

out of the frame said...

wow that is weird - I had heard of the toaster - maybe he died too...


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