Wednesday, January 13, 2010

"I killed a man with this one thumb..."

*title quote is from movie Ratatouille and isn't wholly applicable to this current post.

Yesterday evening I walked into my kitchen and there were 5 kids sitting at our table dipping their fingers in ink pads.

Classic fingerprint art. Very kindergarten, but fun for all ages.

Brother #1 held out a paper he had made me (with thumbprint pirate on it) and said "Do you want to play?"

I, even at 18, cannot resist a childish art project. I cannot resist ANY art project. Fingers in ink are no exception. So I set about making a fingerprinty cartoon, which started out as a battle between one pirate (me...) and some ninjas (complete with katanas, throwing stars, and nunchucks), but turned into a humorous stab at Twilight.

Here be the arrrrrt, mateys;

*looks like me, yes? :)*okay, I actually think ninjas are cool...but pirates are waaaaaaayyyy cooler.

*clowns creep me out. The Joker...yeah, all clowns are evil like that. I just know it. There are not funny and you should hide your children from them.

*Note how the boy with gargantuan eyebrows glitters, as blood drips from his mouth...

I will never be pursuing a career as a cartoonist, especially not a fingerprint one, but I had fun with this. Try it. Goooood times!

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