Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Adventures of Emikel and Jro...+Sam, again!


Call us nerds, but we love Shakespeare.

This photo was taken after a performance during our last summer of Shakespearean acting. August 2008.

Doesn't sound fun to you? Well, you are mistaken. Shakespeare is incredibly fun. And it makes you sound smart. Both good things.

I like tragedy best- blood, gore, betrayal, and dark lipstick. Emily likes comedy- laughter, love, smiling, and guys with donkey heads. Sam likes...Sam, what do you like better? But all three of us have done both.

That year, Sam and I were in King Lear, she as Cordelia (the good daughter of Lear) and I as Goneril (the verrrrryyyyyyyyyyy bad daughter of Lear, oddly enough, my favorite role ever...). Emily, who wasn't performing on that particular day, was Hermia in A Midsummer Night's Dream.

Three very different characters, two different plays, three very different people, and yet we all manage to get along quite nicely both inside and outside of nerdy activities.


emily michael said...

There is no word, in ANY language that can describe the amazing, fascinating, exileratingly fun and informative time one has in Shakespeare.

Isabella Kiss said...

"we shall think on't " :)


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