Friday, January 15, 2010

Hola! Mi nombre es Gato Loco.

More Amigurumi! The last one was cute and fuzzy, but this one just...CRAZY.

Meet Gato Loco ("Crazy Cat" in Spanish).

I really like doing cat ears, but previously had been an absolute failure at tails. I'm improving. And I really like the colors and the eyes on this little guy. And, for no particular reason, he is wearing a scarf!

Today he is going to find his way onto my Etsy (new and exciting items, my friends!) and he could be YOURS for just $15.00!!!!!!! (*but wait, if you call now...actually no, still 15.)

I love this amigurumi stuff. With each on I get better and with each on I get more ideas for the next.

Last night a started a really soft little piggy. And Monkey and Elephant are on the horizon. More to come!

"THE WORLD MUST BE AMIGURUMIED!!!"...I think Shakespeare said that in Much Ado About Nothing...or maybe it was 'peopled'... :)

1 comment:

Isabella Kiss said...

oh, don't cry little cat, i will comment on you since no one ELSE will :'(


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