Friday, January 29, 2010

One spoonful is all it takes...?


This may sound to you like I have run out of ideas to blog about, but on the contrary,my friends, on the contrary.

You see, I do not like breakfast cereal. I wholly agree with Willy Wonka (yes, the Johnny Depp one) that is is made of little shavings that are in your pencil sharpener. Then you put milk on it and it gets all soggy and then you have polluted milk's gross.

I also do not like breakfast, in general. My typical breakfast consists of a black cup of coffee. That's all. That's it. I tend to only eat real morning meals when I know I have a day full of physical exhaustiveness, such as 5 hours of solo house cleaning, or a day full of roofing. Or when I am in the UK and it comes with broiled tomatoes. Or in Costa Rica where it comes with Gallo Pinto (black beans and rice! for breakfast! amazing!). On any normal day where I a) sit at my desk, or b) clean houses for a couple hours, any attempt of healthy morning eating leaves me feeling full up until like 2:30 pm.

But APPARENTLY eating breakfast is muy muy importante...? Or so they tell me. "It's the most important meal of the day," "food is fuel, Bella." All that. And google is telling me that people who skip breakfast have a 450% (yes. four hundred and fifty) chance of becoming obese and that if you skip breakfast you end up consuming 40% more calories throughout the day. And that your brain will preform better...something scientific about blood glucose levels and cognitive functioning...

So. All that being said, I ate breakfast today. Or...something. Apparently (again) a GOOD breakfast is around 500-600 calories. My breakfast, a bowl full of Honey Bunches of Oats with Almonds, was only around 200, milk included. Can't say I loved it, is a start. And regardless of calorie level, it was 60% iron. which can only help my very anemic, vegetarian self.

I don't know if I can keep this up, though. I am trying to tell right now what my cognitive functioning skills are doing... I think I feel normal? Maybe I need a test.
Regardless, I am going to go out cereal shopping and buy me something granola-y, and hope it gets less soggy than the little flakey things I ate this morning.

But apparently (lots of apparently), I am on my way to a better me...? And I will be less... obese? (by the way, I am so not even kinda close. At all. Silly statistics.)
Please let me know when you see me if I seem more ...cognitive. And hopefully it will be on a day when I ate breakfast.


chelsea rebecca said...

oh goodness this is too funny! i love the picture! and hurray for eating breakfast!!!

emily michael said...

And grape nuts in honey yogurt don't count because...?

Isabella Kiss said...

i have killed grapenuts. i am sick of them being the only cereal i like...
what i really need is a personal Pohaw chef. THEN i could eat breakfast all day long (....naaagh :)
and in case anyone cares i have been diligently eating my cereal for the last 5 days.


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