Wednesday, March 31, 2010

So what is the secret...?

I am rather organized. Rather is actually an understatement. Restated:
I am...obsessively, compulsively, freakishly organized.

I am not only the 'administrator' of my own life (which is chaotic and very, very tightly scheduled), but my family's as well. I have been told since childhood that I could run a small country (I am also 'rather' controlling; it would end up as a dictatorship. I haven't purchased any countries yet, for the good of the people there dwelling).

I have my schedule all in order at all times, and I wake up thinking about the list of things I am going to accomplish over the span of each day. I need productivity in order to be able to go to sleep at night.

Besides the fact that leadership, organization and productivity are somehow in my genetic makeup, HOW DO I DO IT?

Let me tell you a secret.


Over the years I have developed a system, most of it revolving around highlighters, and I stick to it. I have a monthly, 16 by 11 inch calendar, with big squares to write in, that holds my life together. And highlighters somehow make it work for me. Blue for birthdays, pink for work, purple for missions meetings, etc etc. My calendar is more colorful than skittles. If you ate it, you would most assuredly taste the rainbow... *and then maybe die from toxins...

Then there are the post its. They adorn the edges of my 16 inch computer screen, and the surface of my desk at all times. They are stuck to my school assignments and are hanging off the edges of my checks in need of banking. They are mostly neon yellow, obnoxious enough to catch my eye and then glare at me until I take action against them. But also in my possession there are smaller ones, in varied colors, or even with the face of William Shakespeare on them.

I need lists to function. Mental lists are always present, but I much more enjoy them out on paper where I can cross things off and say (in my head) "HA! Conquered you!" There are also those serving as reminders, or listing off quotes or Bible verses. They somehow keep my sane.

What's your method? Am I the only one out there who owns highlighters in every possible shade?


Brick Walker said...

You forgot about the evil eyes...

Isabella Kiss said...

now edited.


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