Thursday, March 18, 2010

Butterflies and Bears.

She is my latest Amigurumi, and shortly after this post she will be finding her way onto my Etsy and Artfire shops.

Mari is a cat, but her name means Butterfly in Spanish (I just love the sound of that word and she is so colorful and springy that the name fit her!).

Her head and body are made of Rowan Rumor alpaca yarn, and limbs, ears and tail are made of double strands of acrylic rainbow/black yarn. Her eyes are felt and brown buttons and her nose is a vintage pink, faux-leather looking button. She is looking for a home; maybe yours? Profits going towards missions!

And secondly, Meet Chloe's Bear.

My sisters friend Chloe requested a custom amigurumi; it had to be a bear, she liked dark blue and brown, buttons were a like and it had to be cute.

Well Chloe, m'dear. Here he is!

My favorite part about him (or her, I suppose, just because it has a tie doesn't make it male. Especially because I am, at this very moment, wearing a men's tie...) are the eyes; if you look closely they have daisies on them (okay, maybe it is a girl...).

****If any of you out there would like a custom amigurumi, contact me either on this blog, or convo me on Etsy! They usually run about $15-unless you want something really small or really large. Custom orders are actually my favorite! ****


Brick Walker said...

She makes great gloves too!

chelsea rebecca said...

mariposa is my fave spanish word!!
and i love these! so cool!

Chloe Grace said...

OHHHHHH thankyou! it is so CUTE! I love the button eyes and nose! Oh and it's a He. for some reason all of my stuffed animals that have named have ALWAYS been a He.. thankyou lots <3 <3

Elisabeth said...

Are you able to do a turtle? I would loooove to have a pink turtle like that!

Email me and maybe we could arrange it?


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