Thursday, April 1, 2010

I'm just joshin' with ya...

...Apparently today is April Fool's day...

Honestly, I had totally forgotten about it until a 10 year old girl reminded me... (I thought today was the 31st, but yet I knew tomorrow was the 2nd...hmmmm).

I've never been much of a April Fool's-er. On the pranking, or being pranked side. I am just into humor 365 days a year... Mean pranks do not make me laugh. They are just mean.

**And April Fool's day always reminds me of that Nickelodeon show from my childhood "Fairly Odd Parents" and an episode where they had a guy called the April Fool on it (You know the one..."Cosmo laughs at everything. Watch. 'Pudding'" "PUDDDINNGG AHAHAHAHAHA." Man, I used to love that show)

But anyway, here are a couple things, besides fairies with green hair cracking up at pudding, that DO make me laugh. Always.

Skippyjon Jones books by Judy Schachner. They are more aimed at small children, but I cannot lie, I love them and personally own them all. And I am NOT ashamed.

The most classic movie of all time, The Princess Bride. I've been watching it my whole life and STILL think it is funny. *and this DVD case is amazing because the words read the same upside down as they do right side up. Love it.

This movie, which is made for people more of the 12 year old boy type...but...whatever. It is just...horribly ridiculous. Jack Black is just bizarre, and yet hysterical. I also love Kung Fu Panda...

Duff Goldman, the Ace of Cakes and his crew at Charm City Cakes. (and if I had an award for 'best laugh ever' this dude would win. Just so you know.)

This kid. My amazing littlest sister, Avi. She is a constant comedy act.

Other crazies I am related to. They are the comedy act side shows.

This other kid of my relation. She is a whackadoodle to the maximum.

These 3 people who wish to remain nameless and faceless. *actually, I am in the middle and don't care if you know I am insane. But Mopeeps and Emikel do care, apparently...

Cats Tobin James and Hope, and their love/hate relationship.

My cat Kissbaba, weirdest cat ever, and her hate/hate relationship with everything/everyone... unless they are asleep.

*ignore my crazy laughing face... This girl, Emily Michael. Oh the things we have done together....

And for your viewing pleasure, some other pictures that make me laugh;
A band photo of some crazies I know. I just crack up every time because one is limp across the hood and the front man of the band is scratching his head, looking like he is wondering where he will find another drummer.

A 6 year old brother of mine, wearing high tops over footy pajamas.

That marshmallow with melted gummy worms on it... lonnnng story...

An epic phale. P. H. A. L. E.

Evil and sneaky me, at like age...4ish?

Playgrounds. And friends who will go play on them with you.

PRETENDING we are lying in oncoming traffic/sleeping in a parking lot

Bizarre people doing bizarre things all for a camera.

***As hard as I have tried, I can't find a good picture to wrap this all up, so I am going to just stop now...


What makes you laugh? Think of it now and LAUGH LOTS!


Brick Walker said...

I can't believe you didn't put up the Fearsome Five...

Chloe Grace said...

You know your cat, Kissbaba, is sort like mine. She hates everybody and everything except when she's hungry and then she will be nice to you and then we she realizes that you really aren't going to feed her anytime soon, she turns on you and tries to get you to feed her, forcefully. And she looks like a squirrel

beka said...

Ha! I love blogposts with tons of pictures--especially that legs-and-feet-only picture. I'm more of a funky dresser, too. I don't think yu're insane. Odd, but not insane. But heck, who wouldn't like to be odd?
Hate to be normal. ;) Heh heh.
Just found your blog, dear. and Look forward to more of your writings!
Check out my blog sometime, if ya like. ;)
I'm your newest Follower. :D

emily michael said...

I love to laugh *ha-ha-ha-ha* loud, and long, and clear...
Love ya chica :)


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