Friday, March 19, 2010

Inside of the lines.

Once every so often I color inside of the lines.

Yesterday, after dropping several kids off somewhere, I had an hour to burn before picking them up again. I headed over to a nearby shopping area to kill time. I wound up in Old Navy and I came out with craft project intent.

I hadn't intended on buying anything, but by the registers they had some marked down bags (like the recycle, bring your own bag, go green sort of thing) and one of them was calling my name. And it was $2.49, so I didn't feel too bad.

It was off white, with printed images on it that just looked like they wanted to be colored in (I don't think Old Navy intended that, but I did since I like coloring. And sharpies.).

It is my new knitting/crocheting holding bag. It'll work great, once it stops smelling like Sharpie markers...

1 comment:

chelsea rebecca said...

oh my goodness that is too cool!!!


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