Thursday, March 11, 2010

One-eyed, three-horned, non-flying purple dude...

Last Friday my friend Sam turned 19.
Sam(antha) is an amazing girl who is very artist; she loves poetry, music, thrift stores, and things like finger painting. I love her a lot. Not just any gift would do. Plus she is going to be doing a mission internship in Greece this summer and I wanted to give her something that might be able to accompany her on her travels.

I began thinking Amigurumi.

What could I make for Sam? I pondered slugs (she likes 'em) but couldn't quite figure how I'd make one...(glad I didn't because apparently someone knit her a snail for Christmas) and then I thought perhaps a hamster (she likes them too) but couldn't quite get my mind around that either.


I would make Sam a monster and it would have one eye and a smirk. And she would appreciate that.

She was very excited upon opening him. He was one-eyed, three-horned, and purple (and doesn't eat people. He is a lover not a fighter/eater).

I'm pretty sure she named him Sven. And he and the knitted snail are going to be BFF's.

Happy (1 week after) your birthday, Sam!

1 comment:

samantha said...

I LOVE YOUUUU AND SVEN!!! :))))))))))


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