Friday, March 12, 2010

My own little wild thing.


I love him.

I grew up watching The Muppets (and a lot of other Jim Henson) and Animal, the drummer for the Muppet band "Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem," was always (and still is) my favorite.

*(I have always had a strong desire to play drums {my parents didn't feel that same desire. No drum lessons for me and I gave up on self -taught because my drum set was so busted it fell over sometimes. Fun while it lasted.} Maybe someday I will learn...)

Anyway, Animal is at the top of my 'all time favorite characters of all of ever' list.
When I "played" drums I had a plastic version of him-an action figure, if you will- (about a foot tall) that I sat on top of my kick drum (he fell a lot too...). I have at least 3 shirts with him on it. I also have earrings. Kinda a fanatic...

But look at him, he is just so AWEEEESOMMMMMMMMME! How could you not love him?

Through the magic of the Internet I came to meet my friend Rowan, of Out of the Frame.
She makes Amigurumi (she has an etsy!) and was my original inspiration for my own Amigurumi creations. She is British, but lives in Bosnia with her husband as a missionary.
On her blog she posted an amigurumi ANIMAL that she had made as a birthday present for a drummer friend of hers. I left her a comment asking if she would make me one.

Long story short, she DID. And I adore him.

He is potentially the cutest thing I own. The mouth, the drum sticks, the crazy eyes, even the chain around his neck; he is perfect! Rowan, you are fantastic!


chelsea rebecca said...

hahah aw. this is the cutest thing ever!
i can't believe you made that!
i love animal!

Isabella Kiss said...

i didn't. rowan made him, but yes, he is adorable.

out of the frame said...

glad you like him :) the photos are fab!


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