Thursday, March 4, 2010

"Others have excuses, I have my reasons why..."

... and here is one of 'em.

Yesterday after working (cleaning a tanning salon about a half hour from my house) for 6 hours I took my nasty, dusty, sweaty self out shopping. I have previously made known my love of thrifting, and more particularly my love of the store Savers. This town happened to have a Savers that was BIGGER and BETTER and NEWER than "my" Savers, so I went to check it out.

Oh my gracious, happy, happy, gloriously joyful day.

After making my way through the rest of the store, I found myself in the dress section (strangely I am getting better at girly stuff. It has taken me 18+ years, but I am finally working up to the point of being able to handle dresses. But only on rare occasions, so don't get too excited...). A vibrant blue caught my eye. I liked the color. I like the pockets. And it was so short *in my opinion it is a long shirt* that I wouldn't ever imagine wearing it without pants *YESS!!!* under it.

I look at the price tag.

$7.49. Nice. Cool, and cheap. I love it.

Then the original tag, still attached, caught my eye. "I wonder how much of a deal I am actually getting."

Well, let me tell you, it was a big one. Like a $1282.51 dollar deal.

Yes. You read that correctly. The original tag read $1,290.
Not twelve dollars and ninety cents.I kid you not; ONE THOUSAND, TWO HUNDRED AND NINETY.

Whatttttt...????? Who on earth pays that for a dress (only like 3/4 of a dress!) ? And WHYYYYY??? I could pay for almost a whole missions trip (this year is $1900 for Costa Rica) with that money!!!!
I googled the tag and couldn't find the brand. But...tags don't lie. Usually. So unless it was a freak misprint and the decimal point went missing, I am going with what it says. It says $1290. I just like to type it out. Shocks me every time.

So, if you disapproved of my love of Savers before, maybe I've changed your mind. Maybe not.
Whuteva. I have a pricey blue dress and I got it for way less than the person who bought it in the first place. That certainly made my day!

Now I just have to wear the thing...

*title taken from Nickel Creek's song "Reasons Why"


chelsea rebecca said...

this is incredible!!!!!
way to get an incredible deal,
and an incredible dress! so perfect for spring and summer!!

Al said...

im dying to visit a savers store.. everyone talks about it and i feel like im missing out. it will go on my to do in America one day list.

I kinda know the answer to your dress price amazing saving thing... but i dont want to break you heart and make you hate me! so ill put it way way way down so you dont have to read it if you dont want to :)

The language next to the dollar amount is chinese or japanese so its from Asia, their dollar amounts are crazy high for little things. As a rough estimate 1000 of their dollars is 10 USD.

But you totally still saved money!!!

舔我 said...


ahlin said...

nothing beats a cute dress on sale! :)

Katie Stevens said...

hey love your blog! i want to become a writer some day too, so i think that's cool that we have that in common! cute dress, but that price is in Hong Kong Dollars, which are appx 7.75 x US Dollars. so that means it would be $166.27 in US dollars, but you still got a great deal on it!

Isabella Kiss said...

wow. okay, i guess that is still a deal. thanks for getting me all straightened out on the pricing guys!


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