Monday, March 15, 2010


On the incredibly disgustingly rainy Saturday 2 days ago, my dad took sister #1 (aka Faz, Frebreezey, Tralalalala, and several other things), and I to go see ALICE IN WONDERLAND.

I was kind of excited to go see that movie, even though I KNEW Tim Burton would get it totally and entirely wrong. And I knew it couldn't be my new favorite because it had Anne Hathaway in it (and I cannot stand her. At all. Ever).
Somehow that was all justifiable because it was a Tim Burton film WITH Johnny Depp in it; I tend to like those no matter what horrific things they do to good stories from good books.

It wasn't my new favorite, it wasn't even my new 5th favorite, but I did like several aspects. Much of it was humorous, and I thought the costumes were fantastic. (Anne Hathaway, however, was not fantastic...typical.)

But the absolute best part was a quote from Alice at the beginning while they are still in England. She is in a carriage with her mother, who is scolding her for going to a party (at which a creepish, yucky man named Hamish plans to propose to her) without a corset and stockings; it just isn't proper!

Alice responds "If wearing a codfish on your head was proper, would you do it?" and she goes on to say that, to her, a corset is very much like a codfish.

I enjoyed that. A LOT.

I personally like making my own fashion rules, and I do not wear whatever it is that people/media/the mall tell me to wear. I have created the fashion philosophy of "If you don't like how I look, shut your eyes and it all goes away."

Not that my clothing is at all IMPROPER- far from it!- it is actually a whole lot more "proper" than most normal clothing. I don't do normal. I don't do anything with a visible, and well known brand on it. I especially do not do 'little embroidered moose' clothes. And I normally don't even do clothes from 'normal' stores. I don't do it to be different, or rebellious, or to gain attention, I just do it...not to be normal. Plus it is way more fun to dress like me.
And if someone told me to wear a codfish upon my head, I would most certainly decline.


chelsea rebecca said...

i guess we have to agree to disagree.. not only did i totally LOVE the movie {its my new favorite} i love anne hathaway. double wammie, hahah. but that quote is the best. way to make your own clothing rules!! i love it.

Isabella Kiss said...

aww. haha. I still like you and your blog. it is all good :)


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