Monday, February 22, 2010


Over the weekend I did a bit of shopping. I confess, residences, citizens, and stalkers of Bloglandria, to being a thriftstoreaholic. (And for those of you who are thinking 'ew! germs! useeeed clooothesss?!?!?!' I have a washing machine and it works great. Thank you. PS: I bet my clothes are cooler than yours...)

I stopped in at my local Goodwill and Savers and grabs a plethora of items (t-shirt, red skirt, belt with phoenixes on it, some jeans with pre-made holes, a bracelet.). Happened to have my mom and a couple small children belonging to my family clan with me, and as I found a shirt that was black and read 'CIAO BELLA' in gold cursive letters, my 8 year old sister says,
"What does that say?"

"Ciao Bella. It means 'Hello Beautiful' in Italian. People use it like a greeting. Then they kiss your cheeks. But whatever, it says my name, so I'm getting it."

"Do they have one that says my name?"

"Don't think so. 'Ciao Gianna' isn't exactly a commonly used Italian phrase..."

Kids. Funny little critters.


ElleBee said...

I absolutely LOVE thrifting. Only way to shop when you've got growing kiddos. Of course it doesn't hurt that I've managed to find TWO Coach leather handbags at my local Goodwill. :)

chelsea rebecca said...

hahah that is too cute!! they should make a shirt like that with different names!!
gotta love thrifting! its the best!

Chloe Grace said...

Savers is one of the best thrift stores.. EVER.


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