Wednesday, December 2, 2009

You Make Me Happy When Walls Are Gray...

Big. Sigh.

Me and my room are still waiting on the carpet.

Apparently picking out a good priced, good looking, bedroom approved, stain proof-y, pleasing-colored carpet is way more difficult than I had originally thought. So while we continue our carpet quest I have been collected many odds and ends for the new room and endlessly have been thinking about how they will all look in their new home. I am always obsessing over something...

Sometimes I think if I hadn't chosen a career as a writer, I probably could have ended up as an interior designer or something related to fashion...or some type of job that involves combining colors, textures and patterns in vibrant, unique ways. It just makes me happy. It is like oversized, livable, 3D art. That makes me smile a lot alot.

That's the color of my walls. Sparrow Gray. With Onyx Black doors.

This is my $5 vintage, crazy orange lamp. Needs a shade (IKEA!!!!!), but once it has one it will be the coolest lamp this here side of...Europe.

These are the happiest draw pulls of my life, and soon they will be fastened to my newly painted, black desk. They might be what I am excited most about, strange since they are such a small detail in the big picture...
They are also the only thing that I can afford in my "favorite store" Anthopologie.
(and by favorite store I mean the one that I most like to just stand in and wish I was silly enough to pay hundreds of dollars for a single article of clothing. I actually thought about getting a job there as a Visual Intern...but as it turns out you have to be some sort of design student. Darn. So instead I just go in there, stand next to the giant artful ostrich-one of the visual displays- and soak it all it. *sigh*)

This is one of my many primitive sharpie sketches. Sometime soon I am going to purchase a file cabinet (trust me, I need one), paint that baby red, and SPLATTER PAINT it!

This is my (yes. MY, as in done by me) Jackson Pollock-esk wall art.
This is a pillow which I do not own, but I would like too; the print makes me want to take some pencils and color it in. From Ikea. Another wonderful store, and one that I can well afford.

Various fabrics waiting for me to make them into valences and pillows. I might just end up with more throw pillows than I have places to put them...but...

And lastly, the infamous cukecumber-green vinyl couch. If any piece of furniture ever looked like it escaped from a fresh, summery salad it is this one.

I cannot even tell you how excited I am to put all this stuff together in my most awesome room. I cannot even tell you.


Sarah Louise Upjohn said...

Chloe Grace said...

Hey bella!
Anthropologie is my favorite store also!!
Lissy tried to apply as a Visual Intern there but they said that she had to be eighteen.. :(
cuz then i would have gotten a bunch of free stuff
sadly, no...
Chloe <3


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