Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Irony, oh sweet irony.

I have lots of pictures of them apparently (most involving converse...) but it seems weird to me at I even have any pictures of said object, because in shoes, are feet.

And I DO NOT like feet.

I don't know if I would go as far to say that I am pediphobic (afraid of feet, and yes, that is a real phobia); it is not like I have nightmares of feet, or tremble at the sight of them. Thought, if anyone asks me what the worse day of my life has been, I would immediately answer "the day that I got a pedicure" (a family member was trying to cure me of my weirdness, but it did not work).

I just think feet are nasty, and I feel better about life if you don't touch my feet and if you give me no reason to touch yours.

But shoes are pretty cool, I guess. Here is my collection of shoe shots.

"Toes" in irish dancing hardshoe. Painful and dangerous stuff, but you look good doing it.
That's my littlest brother...wearing footy pajamas in converse. Quite the feat (no pun intended) and quite the sight to look at.
Me and my youngest sister in our matching shoes. Somehow it is okay to match with a baby...

Never too young for high tops.
No, that is not my furry leg. That is the giant, plaid shoe of "Jorge."

The fancy laces of me and my friend "Mopeeps"! And yes, we unashamedly wear shorts with converse.

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