Friday, December 11, 2009

Flashback to Christmas '08

Don't ask why there are only 7 up there...looks like someone got jipped? Should be 8 of 'em. This year there will be 9, and next year...who knows!?

Christmas morning. At that point all I wanted for Christmas was some coffee and a slice of Ricotta pie. (italian stuff. But apparently I am the only one in my family italian enough to love it, so this year they won't buy it again. Sadness...there goes that tradition...)
My cousin Krista and I.

No comment...
Some rather dashing young gentlemen
This captures us pretty well...
1...2...3..........11 of us....but that was last year.
(and thats just my dad's side of the family. there are another 6 on my mom's side)
"Merry Christmas, here's to many more!"


emily michael said...

I LOVE IT! I wish I had big family pics to put up but since none of my family lives in the same state as any of the others....phtttt.
ps - I have a pic of you in your wedding dress on my blog. I'm in a very bloggy-picture mood today...

Isabella Kiss said...

oh fabulous. imma go comment on it i love it so much!


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