Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Adventures of Emikel and Jro...

Miles Chapel. Fairmont, West Virginia, 2007.

*eek. it is a shoulder! I broke MTW worksite rules...

I love this one, Em. Resting your face on a hammer must break some rule as well, although they have never mentioned it in all of our years of orientation.
For the last 3 summers of my life I have ended up on roofs in the state of West Virginia, doing something involving deconstruction, reconstructions, the "buttuglycampingshirt" (long story. don't ask.), and usually at some point during the week, Emily.
I love roofing. Absolutely love it. I learned from my Uncle Joe and since then I have been set to work in West Virginia (obviously with other team members. Never roof alone!).
And slowly but surely, the small town of Fairmont looks better from a birds-eye view. :)


emily michael said...

:D I looove these pics! That wild and wonderful state is gonna miss us immensely!

Isabella Kiss said...

and now i have to come up with another excuse to wear the buttuglycampingshirt....costa rica aint gunna fit the bill... :p


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