Saturday, December 5, 2009

Is this the real life? Will you do the fandango?

Another video involving monsters, only this time, my all time favorite monsters, The Muppets, and the very best one of them all -ANIMAL- has the very best part of all (although the lyrics have been totally changed...).

Apparently they are trying to bring Muppets back (YES!) and next year I think they are doing another movie (MORE YES!) so this is their YouTube attempt at amping Muppets back up.

And I have to admit, normally I cannot stand this song. It is like 5 minutes long and a total... GALLIMAUFRY (*see , I used it!*) of musicality. Once the Galileo-ing starts I usually move to the next song.

But this is good. This is very good.


Harrison Goodale said...

meeme meeme is my favorite part

Brick Walker said...

I just remembered there was a movie called "Muppet Treasure Island". Is that like your favorite film ever??? :P

Isabella Kiss said...

one of them!


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