Thursday, December 3, 2009

Boom Da Di Da Di Da Di...


Brace yourself for the bizarre.
This is the music video to a song that was stuck in my head for MONTHS and having heard it again today I couldn't help up laugh.

Every year on a missions trip to Fairmont, West Virginia somehow one song off one of many mixes provided by team members becomes engrained in our heads over the 7 days we are there...this year it was this one.

It took us several day to figure what they were saying (Hot Erasers? Something about Racists?random noises? No. Heart It Races.), and we still don't know what they are talking ABOUT (death? tribal ritual? monsters? total insanity?????)!
And the video is crazier than the song. Their outfits are worthy of an award of some sort.
Check it out.

I betcha it will be stuck in your head, whether you like it or not :)


Brick Walker said...

Oh! How far you have fallen, humanity!

Harrison Goodale said...

My favorite song ever. that is not by rhcp


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