Monday, December 7, 2009


I have two younger brothers, one is 7 and one is 6. The older one thinks he is "smooth" and the other thinks he is "funny" (he also will tell you frequently how much he rocks...? Then they argue about who rocks more).

Frequently one of them will say "Bella, he thinks he is *insert words cooler, rocks more, is smoother, etc etc...* than me!" Argumentation follows.

While both of them are amusing, today's quotes comes from the 6 year old, who we will call Goggi (that would be what my 19 month old sister calls him, so it is good enough for me too) who also goes by the name "Funny Guy."

Last weekend, as we were on our way to get a Christmas tree, Goggi is sitting in the back of the suburban and reading an easy- reader Bible to himself (the ones with pictures and like 6 words on a page...) and he announced that Samsung (yes. he said Samsung like the TV's and whatnot, and not Samson.) was his favorite.
Our following conversation went like this.

"....But Samsung was a girly man."- Goggi

"Samson could kick your butt and anybody else's butt if he wanted to. The guy pulled down buildings, took out armies with flaming foxes and killed people with he jawbone of a donkey!" - Me. (and really. all of that is in the book of Judges. I kid you not.)

"No, he doesn't kill people! He just knocks them over and steps on them...and he knocked one guy's hat off!"- Goggi *now laughing hysterically at the hatless man...?*

"Sure he does. But still, that doesn't make him a 'girly man.' " -Me

"Samsung was a girly man. He had ponytails." - Goggi.

HaHa. The kid is genuinely funny at times, I must say.
Moral: Never judge strength by hair length :)


Brick Walker said...

Idk if this is really a quote-able...

emily michael said...

Well, his name is Mr. Sunshine...
I'm more of an Ehud person myself.

Isabella Kiss said...

oh yes. you cannot help but love good old ehud.
but catching foxes, lighting them, letting them loose, watching their tails make sparkses....that is pretty good to :)


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