Friday, November 5, 2010

My Name is Not ....

Isabella?! *ha, you thought I would say King, but I didn't! Here's why...

I recently Google search "My Name is Not King- Isabella Kiss" (yes, I do Google myself. Don't lie, you've done it too!) and somewhere in between all the links to my blogs pages, all the questions of "when do Phineas and Isabella kiss" (some disney show? Phineas and Ferb...I dont' know...), and some chick on Facebook who THINKS she is me (but I know she is lying. Poser. I'm the one and only.), I found this:

Just how Big Can a Little Girl Dream?"
  by Jennifer Fosberry

WHAT!? I'm Isabella and my name is not KING! This is all mixed up...

But seriously, it looks like a cute book (if I were a small child...but I won't lie to you, I have a things for children's literature--see this post-- and someday in my future of writing I WILL write a super witty and humorous kids book.) Apparently this little girl, Isabella, repeatedly tells her mother "My name is not Isabella..." and then goes on to say that she is different famous historical women, such a Marie Curie, Annie Oakley and Rosa Parks, who dreamed big dreams and saw them come true. Basically the book is about dreaming big and not letting other people tell you what you can't be.

Just thought I'd share, seeing as my name IS Isabella and  I am all about dreaming big HUGE!

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Annie Chase said...

Wow! thats so cool!
P.s. I have an exciting thing to ask you and your family... so keep an ear out for a phone call soon :)


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