Monday, November 8, 2010

Autumn's Images (5)

The title of this post is "autumn's images." Today is an autumn day, the 8th of November to be exact. But... LAST NIGHT IT SNOWED?

This morning when my alarm went of I snoozed it and burrowed deeper into my red blankets. I attempted to go back to sleep, but down in my living room (my room is right next to it, over the garage) my two year old sister is saying over and over and over and over "Papa, that's snow! Papa, that's snow!"

I pop my head out from beneath my blankets and squint my near-sighted eyeballs towards my window. I might not have my glasses on, but I can tell that the sky is gray and the trees are dusted in white.

I pull myself out of bed and go to look out on my deck at what happened over night. It snowed. IT SNOWED? There is an inch of snow on my deck. On my grass. On the trees. On our yarn furniture. On my car. EVERYWHERE!!!!!

Yes, I do live in New England and here just about anything is possible with weather but... IT ISN'T SUPPOSED TO SNOW BEFORE THANKSGIVING!!!!

But it did. And here is the proof.

Yeah, sure, it is pretty but... I was just not ready for this. It is just way too early on for snow! I was ready to get into the Christmas spirit but snow is overkill. Although, I was probably asking for it. I have to confess, I cranked up my Pandora "Christmas Music!!!!" station on Friday and Saturday night I watched (my very favoritest holiday movie ever) "ELF". So...I'm sorry New England. We are starting the white season early.


Annie Chase said...

I wore shorts today and a long sleeve PINK and brown cute shirt that said love on it. I'm sorry for you all that it is already cold and snowing :(

queen lucy said...

Wow! It snowed on October 10 here last year, but this fall I'm praying for no snow until Thanksgiving. It does look beautiful though!


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