Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Et Multus Plus!

Dear Blog of Mine, 
I am very sorry I missed your birthday. Apparently it was October 16th...I thought it was in November? I am a bad little blog-mother. I apologize for my delayed acknowledgment of your birth. But better late than never? Perhaps. Regardless, we've come a long way in this year. Lets keep it up. Maybe next year I will remember your birthday...? 

Dear People of Bloglandria (including but not limited to those who are amongst my 47 followers)
Thanks for following along with my life. 
Thank you for letting me be the megasuper artsy girl that I am and express myself through written words, photography and all sorts of other creative medium that I keep myself busy with. Thanks for reading. Thanks for commenting. Lets keep that up too. 
You've put up with me and my shenanigans for a whole year (...plus a month or so...). 
Wow. That is all will say to that. 
Thanks for everything! Here's to many more!
Me, Isabella Kiss of My Name is Not King

***update: we've hit 50 followers, people! 50!***

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