Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving Day in Pictures, part 2- Thanksgiving Dinner

After our road race fun we went to my grandparents house and chowed down on food with our large family. Pictures. (sorry for all the noise. Really, really bad lighting.)

 This is just the appetizers. Yeah, we take food pretty seriously.

 Yes. Sushi. My uncle and I always eat Sushi on Thanksgiving. Why? Cause we love it!

 Packing food onto plates.

 Time with family.

 Sass is a dominant trait in our family.

 So is CUTENESS! I love this baby boy. I have a weakness for chubby babies. And my cousin here fits that bill. I spent most the day hanging out with/taking pictures of him.

  Do you see those big cheeks and pouty lip!? What is not to love!!!!
 Toothless smiles are my fave!

 It takes 3 very intelligent, grown men to turn on my grandfather's TV. 4 remotes...surround sound...cable boxes... lots of trial and error.
 Avi took advantage of the distracted father and did some pickpocketing.
After about 15 minutes they finally got the cable on and were able to watch football.
We all sat around and ate some more. Watched one football game. Then watched a futbol (SC Braga vs Arsenal) game. Ate more food.

Typical Thanksgiving. :)

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