Monday, November 23, 2009


-Skippyjon Jones, Siamese Cat, Wannabe Chihuahua.

-Created by Judy Schachner-

Get ready to find your inner six year old, mis amigos, because I am about to spill the beans on my love for all things Skippyjon.

What is a Skippyjon, you ask?

HOLY FRIJOLES, how do you NOT know who Skippyjon Jones is?

Skippyjon Jones is a character of children's' literature written and illustrated by the author stated above. Skippyjon is a naughty little Siamese cat, whose "ears are too big for his head" and whose "head is too big for his body."
Conclusion; he is not a Siamese cat, he is a CHIHUAHUA!

So with his Chihuahua alias- Skippito Friskito- and his bandito disguise, he meets up with his Mexican Amigo, Don Diego- a giant purple Chihuahua known as the Biggest of the Small Ones-, and his band of Chihuahuas who call themselves Los Chimichangos.

Really. You have to experience it for yourself. You'll see. There is no way that you won't love him. Pictures are adorable. Words are clever and if you have even the smallest sense of immature humor in you, you will laugh.

I am an avid Skippyjon fan. I have a grand collection of Skippyjon books. (My personal favorite is Skippyjon Jones in the Doghouse...but they are all muy excellente) I have a stuffed Skippyjon. 2 of his adventures are on my ipod.

And I have my whole family addicted. On car trips, listening to the Skippyjons on my ipod is a given. Every time I babysitting for my siblings, shortly after my parents walk out of the door a chorus of voices ask "ARE YOU GOING TO READ US SKIPPYJON JONES!?!?!"
They particularly enjoy when the Mummies rest in PEAS (in Skippyjon Jones in Mummy Trouble) when he does his laundry in Mrs. Doohickey's birdbath (in Skippyjon Jones) when he gets rolled in a tortilla with 3 beans and sent off a cliff on a skateboard, and when he stuffs the antagonist (of Skippyjon Jones in the Doghouse) in his pants and rides down a banister.
The 8 and 10 year old girls like it when Mama Junebug Jones calls her son a "Crumb cake."
The 6 and 7 year old boys crack up every time anyone mentions the word "dude."
Even my littlest sister, 19 months, knows that the proper response to "Do you like mice and beans?" is "Uhuh, Uhuh, Uhuh" just as stated in my favorite of the book.
I must say, I am especially good at reading it after having done it so many times. I have perfected my 'muy muy small voice', my Spanish accent, and the order of the high speed songs about Muchos Poochos, Licky Sticky Mangos and Chimichichangos that the books require me to sing (and repeat, and repeat, and repeat...).

I dare you. Go check out his website. Go to a library and read his books. Buy them for all the small children in your lives.

Even if you find them highly childish, you will at least be chuckling to yourself as you read.


Harrison Goodale said...

not going to lie, the loading screen scares me. but other than that its awesome.

Isabella Kiss said... just don't appreciate the awesomeness because you just don't. dig deeper and find your inner 1st grader, then try again. that will help :)


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