Thursday, November 11, 2010

An Awesome Apron for Awesomebella

So we all know that I am practically a world class chef by now (...or something...), and obviously every world class chef (...?) needs an APRON!

Previously I had quite an aversion to aprons. Aprons are for Martha Stewart, Betty Crocker, and Cinderella...
There is something very girly and cute about them and those are 2 things I tend to avoid. But... as I sometimes do, I caved in.

Every time I am in Anthropologie I look at all their cute little aprons and think "eh, they aren't that bad..."

*exhibits of such aprons...*

And I figure once you've crocheted 144 granny squares (YES! I am done. Sometime soon they will be formed into a blanket!), as I have, you might as well wear a girly/cute apron (somewhere deep down inside of me there is a girly girl who occasionally sneaks her way out). It is all downhill from there. I seriously should just give up...

Anyway, yesterday afternoon I didn't have much else to do (by the way I am officially done with my online career schooling today. This post is being written by a legitimate CERTIFIED freelance writer!) and I was feeling a desperate need to MAKE something. In particular to SEW something.

Now, you have to understand, I don't like sewing. I REALLY don't. I especially hate machine sewing. It is awful stuff and I wind up angry every time. However, I do really like having sewn, as in I like having one of a kind things that I have made so...I sew from time to time.

Yesterday I sewed an apron (I free handed the whole thing. I don't use patterns in the very same way that I don't use recipes)! It is quite wild. And has NO ruffles, isn't totally girly! (quit lying to yourself, Bella...)

Check out my girly/sewing/cooking self!

Pretty good, eh? The top was a pillow case (well...half of one. The other half became a purse.), the bottom was some remnant I bought at Joann's a while back. It is some sort of canvasy thing. I bought it because I liked the tiny orange stripes. The pocket was left over from a custom purse I made for my cousin Julia, the ties are cut out of a green vintage curtain, and the orange buttons were cut off some garment that got thrown out.

I really, really love the mix of patterns. All the orange and blue makes me really happy. So...yeah, maybe aprons are lame and uber girlish but mine is handmade, one of a kind, and a little bit cool. Feel free to call me Cinderbella Stewart Crocker...


beka said...

Ohmaword, I LOVE those aprons!
Cute and crazy, I say:)

Annie Chase said...

You are simply adorable :) and creative. And resourceful :)
and... I love that about you :)

Sarah Louise Upjohn said...

My dearest Isabella Kissesandhugsandcuddletime,
You're wearing a homemade apron with high heels, dangling earrings, and cute nail polish. Your hair and makeup look beautiful. You cook and decorate and do stuff with yarn.
I'm sorry to say this, but you, my darling, are not a boy. You're feminine and kind of a babe (can I call you a babe? Are we there yet?)

I'm sorry I had to be the one to tell you this.

By "sorry" I mean "completely delighted and willing to do it several more times."


Isabella Kiss said...

Dear SarahLouiseUpjohnwhokeepsaddingwordsforlovingnesstomyname...

I know I am not a boy. That was years ago... :P
But we are most assuredly not to the point of calling me a babe. I am just...a well-rounded, multi-skilled individual.

But I still love you no matter what you choose to call me. I gave up on fighting you a while ago.



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