Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Guns and Glamour...

This is my right arm, aka my bracelet arm. Silly bracelets seem to collect there in large quantity. The friendship bracelet is the colors of the Italian (and also Hunagarian!) flag, made for me by my 11 year old cousin. The white and rainbow one was made by me while babysitting a 9 year old (we made matching ones that said our names. But the black letter wore off.) The rope bracelet reminds me of my childhood (I used to get rope bracelets every summer and wear them until they were super grungy.) Under the rope bracelet is a glow in the dark sting ray silly band that was bestowed upon me by a four year old (I jokingly say I am wearing it in the memory of Steve Irwin). And the brass and silver one I made today. It has a cool story too. :)

Look closer. Those aren't shiny giant bugle beads, my friends...

Those were made out of these...
 Which were left over from what did the below pictured damage on this past Saturday morning.
Yup. That is right. :) :) :)

In case you are feeling confused, my bracelet is made out of brass bullet shells from a .22 I shot on Saturday morning (bigger holes are from the .40, which is way cooler, way harder to shoot, and has shells which are impossible to turn into jewelry) when my dad and I went shooting (again!)
Maybe it is super ridiculous to turn something as not girly as bullets into a piece of jewelry but...hey, I couldn't resist. It was far too easy to drive a nail through them and put them on string. I shot that gun and thoroughly killed that papertargetzombieman. I deserve to be able to do whatever I so please with what was left over. Huzzah for recycling!

Come on, you had to admit, it is pretty cool. One of a kind and super edgy (like me!). And it makes a great jingling sound every time I move my arm...

Yeah, I know, I'm a weirdo. But I can shoot paperzombies AND make jewelry. How much more well-rounded can you get?


Sarah Louise Upjohn said...

You would. :-)

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

haha you're great. I do like my tattoo a lot. . . mainly because of how I get to use it as a form of pointing to my surrendering to God!! I have actually been thinking of getting more tattoos. . .doubtful but I have thought about it. eek. All Christ-centered ones though.

I love that you made a bracelet out of bullet shells!!!! i used to have a bullet shell belt but it broke after wearing it so constantly. I love the work you did on those targets!! great job!

I used to shoot a .22 rifle when I was in the NRA as a teen.

à la Modest said...

That's awesome how you did that with the bullet shells! It's so... steampunk :) I liked the Steve Irwin joke, by the way!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. It's nice to hear from you! It's cool that you're a writer, too. What sort of things do you write about?

Isabella Kiss said...

Thanks guys!
@ Weeze- YOU KNOW I WOULD!!!
@ Victoria- haha, I like you even more now that I know you used to be in the NRA. Sweet!
@ Rachel- thanks. And yeah steve irwin was a childhood hero of mine. I may or may not have cried when I found out he was dead. And I left you another comment but I generally write young adult stuff.


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