Wednesday, November 24, 2010

On murder mysteries and other such tomfoolery...

Saturday night I participated in a youth group event known as "Clue Night." It is a yearly event with our group where the leaders dress up as characters-suspects! (originally all characters from the board game clue, but over the years we have kind of turned into our own strange mix of characters. And we like it.)- and are questioned by all the youth about whether or not they committed the murder. Who was murdered? Well...obviously 1 or more inflatable alligators! Like, what else would you murder!?

 I am not going to try and bother explaining this absolutely ridiculous event/game night to you, as it is really one of those "you have to be there"- type experiences, but I am going to post the pictures. They are genuinely amusing, I promise, and you know how I am about costumes. I think any time I get to dress up is a great time!

The dead owners of LeGator Mansion (which normally looks a lot like a church). Named...I forgot. They were twins. One was Alliwishous (or however that is spelled...).

Now, brace yourself for a vast amount of High School Senior/College-aged people in BIZARRE (and I mean BIZARRE) costumes. And if you are wondering how it makes sense to have all these people employed at a mansion, IT DOESN'T. We have no reason other than we think it is more fun that dressing as Colonel Mustard...

 First off (sorry, I cannot remember everyone's names) we have a Librarian (Kaeleen), 2 ditsy girls with false high-pitched voices and fake giggles (Hannah and Elissa), and a chick in combat attire (Sarah Louise).

Then we have a ever-silent mime (Oliver) and his sister/ my best friend.

 The wonderful, beautiful, crazy, Emikel SWEENELLA TODD (yes, as in Sweeney. She is a real life cosmetology student, so why wouldn't she want to play a demon barber?!). Would you LOOK at those false, synthetic-fiber dusters she has afixed to her eyes! Amazing!
 Yup. She crazy. But I love her (and for the record, she is drinking mountain dew code red out of a plastic party glass. It is a mansion after all...).
 We decided that her look would be more complete with black lips. And it was!
Yup. She is hawt like wasabi! Even as a demonic barber (ps: she was the murderess. She planned the killing of those 2 alligators and hired 2 real, live twin boys in the youth group to do it! Wicked, wicked girl!)

 Next we have the evil clown, a la The Dark Knight,  Mr. Puce (Tony). If he doesn't give you nightmares, nothing will. Creepiest thing I've ever experienced. Ugh, I hate clowns.

 The butler with very moussed hair, Jeeves (Nathan)

The lovely (and totally ditsy) Ms. Pink (Elissa)

 Several peculiar gentleman, including Jeeves- previously stated as the butler (and Nathan), Mr. Green- blind private eye (James), Sgt. Pepper- Beatles fan and ukulele player (Hedge), Monsieur Le Blanc- crazy french chef (Caleb), and Lawrence Oliver- failed actor (Matt).

Camilla Camouflage and Mr Green (in leprechaun pants...)

Sweenella the demon barberess/Emikel, Ms.Shofranka Kinga Bela Scarlet the mysterious gypsy/me, and Camilla Camoflauge, expert at yelling at people/Sarah Louise. I love these girls.

Overall, a fun night. 2 flat alligators, many youth/detectives, a bunch of weirdos as suspects, lots of soda and munchies, good times, and at the end one murderess (...deflation causing person...) caught!


Paislea Elyse said...

thanks for visiting my blog! you are too sweet!

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Sarah Louise Upjohn said...


Just to clear things up: Hannah was Ms. Peacock. We had to have some of traditional characters of course.

Also, am I the only one disturbed by the fact that Emily's character was way too close to the truth?


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