Saturday, October 23, 2010

IMMA BEast, Imma beast...

I have been asking my dad to take me shooting for a looooonnnng while and FINALLY it happened.

Today I went with my dad (and his friend Joe and Joe's 11 year old son Joey...) to a local shooting range to fire a gun for the first time in my life.

AND MAN WAS IT AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was really nervous at first. My dad's gun is BIG (A .40 Millimeter Smith and Wesson, if you happen to be familiar with guns and that means anything to you) and I have really tiny hands. The first time it was in my hands I was scared to fire. I knew it would kick, but I wasn't really sure of how much (having never fired ANY real gun, EVER).

But don't worry. I quickly got used to it. :)


"Dad, hit him in the head!" --Joey
'No, you want to aim for larger body mass if that is a bad guy."- my dad
"But...what if he is a ZOMBIE? Then you definitiely want to aim for the head. Trust me, I read the book."- me
"....he is not a zombie..."- Joey's dad 

First attempts. Good, but not great.

As the Black-Eyed Peas (or really my friend Mopeeps) would say 
"Imma beast, Imma beast, imma imma imma beast."

 Yeah, I could feel the kick all the way in my shoulders... 
and I need to work on my stance. I am all leaning backwards and stuff. 
I realize just how badly  now that I am looking at the pictures.
Sheez Bella, way to look like an amatuer...:/
Well, it is a start. Always next time!

 2 bullets in a row in the (almost)same spot, to which I cried "I AM THE ROBIN HOOD OF GUUUNNNNNSSS!"

 Yup, I MIGHT have that target hanging in my room. I could potentially be a little proud of myself...

 Mr. Joe let me shoot his .09 H&K a couple times.

 I think I liked standing better than sitting, but my aim was more consistent from a seated position. 
And my oh my do I make crazy faces with a gun in my hands.

 ...yeah. I shot a gun with my legs crossed. *rolls eyes at self* 
Way to be a total girl, Bella...

*celebrate like imma beAST!

I loved it. It was something I have wanted to do for a long, long time and now I feel rather accomplished. Given the opportunity I would FOR SURE go again (New goal, since I've crossed generalized shooting off my list. FIRE A RIFLE!). 
Way fun. Got to spend time with my dad, which doesn't happen often enough, AND I got to spend time with his gun on top of it. Twas for certainly a good time. I like guns now. Maybe a lot. :)

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