Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What We All Have Been Waiting For!

*and by "we," I might actually mean ME.*

TODAY, GUYS!!!!!!!!! 
I'm so giddy and excited!

Here's a couple inspiring shots off flickr (not mine) to get you in the mood for some fall fun!

.click photos for sources.

Autumn Colors at Portland Japanese Garden

Day 201 

Freestyle Converse

Mr. PumpKing


Fall Colors in a Autumn Landscape

For me fall means crisp apples that crunch as your teeth break their shiny skin, bare trees dancing near the clear blue skies, steamy spiced cider that tickles your nose, fallen leaves crunching under my converse, an overload of orange, pumpkin pie by the plate full, flannel shirts that make you feel cozy no matter where you are, and cool air that refreshes you as it passes to your lungs.  
(And I threw the hedgehog in there because...well, you know how I am about trying to own small wild animals as pets)

How about you? 
What are the distinct images fall brings to your mind? 
What defines *FALL* for you
What are your favorite fall smells, tastes, etc? 
Are you as excited as I am!?


Anonymous said...

I am definitely looking forward to this fall season! Gorgeous photos! I especially like the top one with all the red leaves!

Ellie said...

sweaters, comfy, holey jeans, hot apple cider (!), worn-out converse, good books...
I had no idea it was the first day of Fall! My mind's filling with Fall ideas now! :)

cb said...

yay happy first day of fall! i love the changing of the leaves and wearing tights!

oh and why can't having a hedge hog as a pet be legal in cali!!!


Lane said...

Oh I love fall :) Fall and spring are my favorite times. I love the beautiful colors in those pictures and that adorable little animal haha I want him :)

When I think of fall I think of great picture and picnic weather, apple cider, peach cobbler, I start to think about what I'm going to be when Halloween comes, i drag my bike out of the shed, it also means spring cleaning ha :)

carlotta said...

You found some gorgeous photos! I heart flickr :)

Fall. Well, I kind of have a love/hate relationship with it. I don't like the cold. At all. And I know that when fall is here, it means the cold weather isn't far behind. But, I also love the cooler weather after dreadfully hot summers. And I love the smells and textures, I love the yes. I have a love/hate relationship with it.


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