Monday, September 20, 2010

Old school/ New School. Same ol' /Same new.

Today I'm reminiscing and comparing. 

I've changed a lot since I was a kid but in so many ways, 
over the last 19 years, I haven't changed at all.

These pictures are from the archives;
some are 16 years old, some are from 2 or 3 years ago. 
But I am still the same little old me, Isabella.
And there ain't no amount of time that can change that.

 I was born with big eyes and a sense of narcissism.

I've a thing for the out of doors and adventuring.

 I always have and always will adore trees.
Especially climbing them; I love heights.

I'll never pass up an opportunity to wear a costume. Seriously, never.

I've always been full of an abundance silliness and sass.

And, to quote my buddy William Shakespeare, I am "either a god or a painter for [I] make faces." 
LOTS of 'em.
*disclaimer.  I am sure I am not a god and I know I am not a painter. It is just a quote, so take it easy, people.

Do you, like me, ever forget how much you've changed over the years? Do you, like me, though you have matured and changed, FEEL just the same as you did when you were... I dunno 9? 
Or am I the only one...? Hmmm.


Amie said...

I know I am an adult, but I still think of myself as a kid.

Cheers to never changing!

Eva said...

Yes! I do not feel my age at all.
Those are great photos :)

Ellie said...

Did you get your (very awesome) piratey costume by shopping at thrift stores? Cause if that's the case... that's where i'm going to start shopping! :)

Isabella Kiss said...

Ellie, my costume is from a great many a places. The scarf was stolen from my mom, the shirt brown lace up shirt is from H&M, the vest-y thing is from a friend who is a professional costume designer, the belt was thrifted,and the pants (not pictured) i made by modifying some black gauchos. But you should CERTAINLY be able to find some great stuff in a thrift store! And it is fun just to look!

jennifer ▲ i art u said...

you are versatile and oh so pretty!!


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